WRAPS Questions & Answers

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What is a vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap begins with a design which is developed by our staff of talented designers, then printed on special vinyl wrap, laminated for protection, and finally installed or "wrapped" on a vehicle.  The wrap is applied directly to the vehicle following several hours of cleaning and prep for the vehicle.  The wrap application is so precise it is often mistaken for a custom paint job. 

How is a wrap designed?
Our Krazy Wraps team specialize in Vehicle Wrap design.  They work with the client throughout the process to ensure that the message conveyed in the wrap design accurately reflects that of the company, product or person.  The Krazy Wrap team designs the wrap with high tech computers and design programs, then print out final proofs or mock-ups that are always reviewed prior to sending the job to print.
What if my company information changes after I get the wrap installed?
Logos,  graphics, or any part of the design can be removed, re-printed and installed on the vehicle or some smaller graphics such as phone numbers can be re-printed and applied as overlays on the car wrap.
Will the wrap damage my paint?
Not likely.  A car wrap when applied and removed correctly does not damage your car's OEM paint.  In fact, it actually can protect it.
What exactly is a "half wrap"?
Great question, we get asked this often.  Please click HERE for photos and answer to your question.
Fenders removed when possible for a clean wrap.

for trimming we use a special tape with a cut string in it, so we do not need to cut on the vehicle.
We take the time to remove some handles for perfection.

Taillights and headlights are removed for a perfect vinyl edge tuck, this also keeps your wrap down.
We go the extra mile to make your wrap visually seamless.

We take the time to seal vunerable edges with a 3M edge seal tape so you get the most from your wrap.